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Foldable running machine Treadmill

Short Description:

Made in China
product name :Treadmill
Product Code : YLY – F6
Color : Black Or Customized

Product Detail

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Name Foldable  running machine Treadmill
Maximum bearing  120kg
Run with size  121*40cm
unfold size  121*58.5*117cm
package size  130*62*16CM
net weight  23kg
gross weight  25kg
range of speed  Display speed 1.0-10km/H
nominal voltage  AC220-240V/50HZ   AC110-120V/60HZ
Optional features  Bluetooth audio, APP





Treadmill speed considerations

Treadmill, which is divided into mechanical treadmill and electric treadmill. Older people can choose the mechanical treadmill, which is an active way of running. The pace of running is controlled by the user, and the user can walk, jog or run fast according to their condition. Young people can opt for an electric treadmill, a passive form of running in which the trainer is forced to run at a pace that is first set according to their physical fitness


Points to Note when Purchasing

1. The comfort of the functional operation of the treadmill: this is mainly based on the good experience of using the treadmill.

2, the running area of the treadmill: this mainly affects the comfort of our running, the large space of the treadmill running more comfortable, mainly refer to the width of the running board and the stability of the running board.

3. Whether the preset program meets the needs: we need to monitor some data at any time when we are running. Whether these preset functions meet your own needs, it is better to experience all the preset programs when experiencing the treadmill.

4, how about the safety of running exercise: we use the treadmill for exercise is for the health of the body, so the safety of the treadmill is we must consider. Generally speaking, the design of the handrail of the treadmill is convenient and comfortable, and the emergency stop button is easy to reach and flexible.

5. Whether the treadmill panel design is humanized: When we exercise on the treadmill, the information on the running is what we pay attention to at any time. Therefore, whether the treadmill panel design is ergonomic is more important.

6. Treadmill motor: In terms of treadmill motor, in addition to the power suitable for weight, the stability and noise of the motor during operation also need to be paid attention to.

7, the speed and slope of the treadmill adjustment function: these two points should be determined according to their own and family treadmill exercise situation, in the purchase of the treadmill should understand whether the preset speed and slope adjustment function to meet their needs.

8. How about the stability of the treadmill when switching functions: Sometimes, we need to switch the running mode at any time when we are running. If the treadmill reacts violently and causes the body to shake during the running mode switching, the stability of the treadmill will be very poor.

9. Whether the running belt is smooth: the running belt is one of the most important parts when we exercise on the treadmill. If the running belt does not run smoothly when running, often slipping, interrupting and running off, it is not good for running exercise. If you use the running belt for a long time, you can refer to the following article on how to adjust the running belt.

10, the overall experience of treadmill: Generally well-designed treadmill, its runners are very good adaptability, when you buy a treadmill, after all the above functions have been experienced, your overall feeling?

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