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Customized 3m Skipping Rope silica gel Handle Jump Rope

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Made in China
Product Code:YLY-LYTS2


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What is cordless rope skipping?

As the name suggests, it is a rope skipping without a rope. A short rope is used on the rope skipping handle to connect a counterweight, which is cordless rope skipping.

Compared with rope skipping, cordless skipping is much less dangerous. After all, without a rope to bypass the body, it will not hurt yourself or the people and objects around you, and it is super convenient and will not occupy a lot of space.

Product name Customized 3m Skipping Rope silica gel Handle Jump Rope
Colour Pink  Green  Grey
Type Skipping Rope
Handle material Antiskid silica gel
Rope material Steel + PVC
Weight 0.7kg
Weight bearing 487g
Diameter 4.5mm
Length 3M
Electronic counting frequency mode, mile mode, kilometer mode and calorie mode
Contents non woven bag, weight block, color box and rope skipping
Feature Adjustable Length
Packing carton+Opp Bags Package

Rope vs cordless, whose fat burning effect is better?

Cordless rope skipping is when we jump and our head is in the sensing range of the sensor at the top of the rope skipping, we can say that we have completed the rope skipping action. Cordless rope skipping also has the process of jumping, so as long as it is a whole body exercise, you can lose weight, and persistence will have an effect.

But compared with rope skipping, the fat burning effect of cordless skipping is much worse! This product not only saves place, but also can be used with rope and cordless, saving cost.

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