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Stainless Steel Wire Jump Rope Cable Skipping Rope

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Made in China
Product Code:YLY-LYTS


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Product name Stainless Steel Wire Jump Rope Cable Skipping Rope
Colour Black or Customizable
Type Skipping Rope
Handle material ABS
Rope material steel wire + PVC
Diameter 4.5mm
Length 2.8M
Electronic counting frequency mode, mile mode, kilometer mode and calorie mode
Contents non woven bag, weight block, color box and rope skipping
Feature Adjustable Length
Packing carton+Opp Bags Package
The correct method of rope skipping without rope

1. Slight bending of knee joint in the whole process

During rope skipping, we slightly bend our knees and touch the ground on the front soles of our feet.


2. Core tightening

The core needs to be tightened, the pelvis posture should be straightened, and the feet should be close to each other as much as possible.


3. Don’t hold your breath

Breathing varies from person to person. Just find the right breathing rhythm for yourself, but don’t hold your breath.


4.About 10 minutes

Also, you must warm up fully before rope skipping, about 10 minutes.


5. Insufficient lubrication of joint cavity

Insufficient warm-up may lead to insufficient lubrication of the joint cavity, which is easy to hurt ourselves.

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