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Home Fitness Running Machine Elliptical Trainer

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Made in China
Product Code:YLY-9902

Net Weight:30kg

Gross Weight: 33kg


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Elliptical machine is also called spacewalk machine. As a kind of equipment with good effect for cardiopulmonary function exercise, it is loved by many users and professionals. The slope design, resistance resistance adjustment function, arranged exercise mode and the ability to exercise the muscles of certain tissues of the lower limbs make the elliptical machine a common exercise instrument in professional gyms and family living rooms. Although different types of elliptical machines have certain differences in quality and exercise comfort, this machine is undoubtedly a powerful weapon for exercisers to exercise cardiopulmonary function.

The biggest feature of elliptical machine is that there is no focus on the knee joint when the human body exercises with it. Using elliptical machine exercise can not only prevent, reduce and alleviate cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and upper back pain, but also avoid the impact force generated during running, better protect the joints, and thus have a better safety factor. Elliptical function exercises and stimulates the regulation of sciatic nerve, enhances the endurance and strength of lumbar muscles, and stimulates the buttocks, thighs, lateral waist and small abdomen to achieve the effect of body shaping.

Product name Home Fitness Running Machine Elliptical Trainer
Colour White Black or Customizable
Type Elliptical Trainer
Product size 1160*650*1520mm
Package size 880*480*280mm
Resistance control Magnetically controlled
Display type LED display
Resistance system: 8-stage rotation resistance adjustment
heart rate Hand held heart rate sensing
show contents Speed, time, distance, calories, mileage, heart rate
Packing carton

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