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Gym Cork Matt Balance Best Pad Exercise Mats Yoga Mat

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Made in the China
Product Code:YLY-YJD

  • 5 - 49 Pieces
    US $16
  • 50 - 99 Pieces
    US $15.6
  • >=100 Pieces
    US $15


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Product introduction

Yoga mat is the mat laid below when practicing yoga. Yoga mat is divided into traditional yoga mat and positive Yoga Mat:

The traditional yoga mat is a yoga mat without lines;

Positive yoga mat is a yoga mat with lines. It not only has the general function of traditional yoga mat, but also guides the practice of more scientific and accurate yoga poses.

Yoga mat materials are generally divided into rubber foam, TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex pad, NBR pad, etc.

The yoga mat has uniform particles on the surface, full bubbles, soft feel, non-toxic, tasteless, anti-skid, strong rebound ability and strong tear resistance. It is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the cold air on the ground, with strong grip, outstanding resilience, flatness, skid resistance and human skin affinity. Moreover, it can also carry out some other fitness activities on it, which is suitable for children to play matting and field camping matting.

Product name Gym Cork Matt Balance Best Pad Exercise Mats Yoga Mat
Material PU
Net weight 3.5KG
Colour 6 regular colors and patterns, or any customized colors and patterns
Thickness 5MM
Usage Yoga, Pilate, Gymnastics, Dance, Anti-fatigue, Sports etc.,
Packing Six in a Carton
OEM Yes/available (size/thickness/color/logo/print/packing)
Logo Processing Embossing logo, Printing logo, Laser Engraving, Fabric Logo etc.,
Type Yoga Mat

Choose according to the “type of yoga” you have learned

If you practice yoga based on soft training, you will often encounter the action of sitting on the mat. At this time, a thicker and softer yoga mat will make you more comfortable. However, if you are practicing yoga of power yoga, flow yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, you need a thinner and harder cushion, and a too soft Yoga cushion is not very convenient for action. Some people who pay more attention to yoga will also feel that too thick yoga mats hinder their contact with the ground, etc. in fact, the thickness of yoga mats mainly depends on their personal preferences.

If your movements are not so static and you don’t sweat as much as running, which kind of cushion should you use? I will answer “or choose a thinner one”. The thick cushion (more than 5mm) loses the feeling of contact with the ground, and there will be a “distortion” feeling when doing many actions. In foreign countries, most yoga practitioners love to use thin cushions, which is the reason. If you feel that your knees are uncomfortable when you kneel on the thin cushion, you can put a towel under your knees.


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