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Commercial Wind Resistance Spinning Home Gym Fitness Equipment exercise bike

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Made in the China
Product Code:YLY-MCS1

  • 5 - 49 Sets
    US $255
  • 50 - 99 Sets
    US $248
  • >=100 Sets
    US $235

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Exercise Bike is basically similar to ordinary bicycle, including handlebars, seats, pedals and wheels. The body is firmly connected as a whole. Different from ordinary bicycles, its structure can be greatly adjusted to make cyclists feel more comfortable. Before getting on the bus, first determine the height of the seat. Usually, this height is based on the height when you stand on the ground, lift your thighs and level with the ground. In this way, when riding, the included angle between your thighs and lower legs will not be too small, so as to reduce the burden on your knees and avoid injury; Then, the position of the handlebar is determined by the position of the seat. It is most appropriate to hold your hand in the front of the handlebar and your elbow against the handlebar. Your body should be compact and your arm should extend to the front without difficulty. The height of the handlebar can also be raised and lowered according to the rider’s figure.

Product name Commercial Wind Resistance Spinning Home Gym Fitness Equipment Exercise Bike
Bearing 150KG
Weight Net weight:  42kg
Gorss weight:46kg
Colour Grey or Customizable
Type Exercise Bike
Packing carton
Other Flywheel Weight: 16KGFlywheel:  Electroplated Cast Iron Flywheel

Electronic Meter:  Time / Distance / Calories / Speed / Heart Rate

To Configure: Magnetically controlled bidirectional motion

Cushion: Free leather cushion with adjustable front and rear up and down

Handlebar: Up and down freely adjustable plastic dipping handlebars

Product size 1010*510*1165mm
Package size 1050*270*940MM
Specific structure analysis:

The head of a exercise bike: it is composed of a handle and a kettle rack. The design of the kettle rack is to consider the need to replenish water at any time during long-term fitness exercise.

Fender: it is located between the vehicle body and the braking system. The function of the fender is similar to that of an ordinary bicycle. It is to protect the flywheel from sweat and rust.

Flywheel: the main function of flywheel is counterweight, that is, to increase the load of exercise, so as to increase the training intensity.

Electronic brake system: many sports bikes are equipped with electronic brake system, which also allows many sports bikers to better control and grasp the rhythm when they are tired.

Crank and pedal: This is also a similar structure of ordinary bicycles, which plays a driving bridge role. Most of the functions of dynamic bicycles are reflected through this.

Seat: the seat height of a sports bike can be easily adjusted to allow people of different heights to adapt to the same bike. It is a very humanized design.

Body fixed frame: This is an integral frame support structure of the sports bike. Basically, all the sports bike fixed frames are made of metal, which is also the main reason why the sports bike can support overweight people.


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