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  • Improve your mobility and body tone with this dumbbell strength workout

    Strength training is important for doing daily activities and providing better protection for our joints, while flexibility exercises are important for joint health and increased range of motion. This workout focuses on both. This will take about 20 minutes and all you need are dumbbells (check o...
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  • Gabion Net: Production Process, Application and Development Prospect

    A gabion, also called a gabion, is a wire mesh container filled with rocks, stones or other building materials. These versatile structures are popular for their functionality, strength and aesthetics. In this article, we will discuss the production process of gabion mesh, its diverse applications...
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  • What are the benefits and functions of kettlebell training

    What are the benefits and functions of kettlebell training? Among many fitness equipment, kettlebell is a small fitness equipment that is unpopular. Many people in life do not know what the benefits and effects of kettlebell, the following share the benefits and effects of kettlebell training. 1,...
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  • What are the benefits of dumbbells? Here are 5 benefits to keep you hooked on this type of exercise

    Speaking of fitness, I believe many people will think of dumbbells, dumbbells are a more common fitness tools, we can carry out a lot of exercise through dumbbells, dumbbells this tool is also very common and common in life. What are the benefits of dumbbells that make them so popular and popular...
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  • Gym gantry or Smith machine

    1. First of all, the use of Smith in fitness equipment is mainly to exercise the chest. Smith machine is a fixed instrument bench press, which does not have to worry about balance control during bench press with barbell or dumbbell. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners to master the skills of ...
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  • The biggest difference between treadmill and outdoor running, you will understand after reading!

    Everything has its pros and cons, including treadmills. Although a treadmill can shelter you from the rain, it exercises only a limited amount of muscle mass and intensity compared to outdoor running. Outdoor running is driven by its own strength, and treadmill running is semi-active running, whi...
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  • Dumbbell bench exercise method

    Dumbbell stool, fitness AIDS. It is often used to assist dumbbells to complete some necessary fitness movements, such as: upward inclined dumbbell bench press, downward inclined dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbell bird and so on. This kind of targeted fitness action, if without the assistance of ...
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  • What are the benefits of dumbbells to the body The 7 benefits of long-term practice dumbbells

    1.Improve physical flexibility Bodong Dumbbell exercise is under the control and regulation of the central nervous system of the brain, long-term scientific and systematic dumbbell fitness exercise can enhance the excitability of the central nervous system, deepen the inhibition, and make the exc...
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  • Single barbell workout: 6 excellent barbell workout moves

    Muscle is the man’s most gorgeous coat, with strong muscles, can let a man exudes the power of the strong charm, so that it will have a strong attraction at any time, so men want to have their own real charm, then hurry to train their whole body muscles, strong high-density muscles not only...
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  • 10 dumbbell exercises Full Body Workout

    Dumbbell is one of the important equipment in bodybuilding training. Like a hammer and chisel, it sculpts every muscle in the body. As long as you have a pair of dumbbells and a bench, you can do all kinds of bodybuilding training. The right dumbbell exercise method can make your muscles perfect....
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  • The advantages and disadvantages of spinning

    Benefits: Lose weight quickly. The weight loss and fat burning effect of spinning is very obvious, and riding for 45 minutes can consume 400-500 calories. Long-term exercise can build beautiful body and help you successfully lose weight and fat. Strengthen the body, improve heart and lung functio...
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  • What is the difference between common aerobic equipment?

    Aerobic fitness equipment includes: treadmill, stationary bike, step machine, elliptical machine, step machine, spinning cycle, rowing machine, handstand machine, physical fitness all-in-one machine, badminton equipment, table tennis equipment and some other auxiliary aerobic exercise equipment. ...
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