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sit up bench Adjustable Gym Bench

Short Description:

Made in China
Product Code: YLY - DJ0010

Product Detail

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Product name Sit up bench Adjustable Gym Bench
material Steel/Iron and PU Mat
Gross Weight 23KG
colour Black
type weight bench
Packing carton
Carton Size 109*49*23cm
Package size 153*68*128*48*15cm

product features
1. The board can be adjusted freely to meet your different fitness needs.
2. The product stick to the ground design is stable, Cushion and back cushion design wide and comfortable. Pipe specifications to meet the requirements of professional fitness.
3. This fitness stool can be used with any type of squat rack.It can meet the functional requirements of bench push and squat.


Dumbbell Bench, fitness AIDS. It is often used to assist dumbbells to complete some necessary fitness actions, such as upward inclined dumbbell bench press, downward inclined dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbell flying birds, etc. By practicing dumbbells, you can improve the control of joints and muscles in various parts of the body, exercise the small muscle groups around the target muscle group, and better stimulate the muscle tissue at the connecting parts of each muscle group. Let the muscle groups of all parts connect more closely, and the muscles you exercise give you a more coordinated feeling. This kind of targeted fitness movement cannot be completed without the help of dumbbell stool, which is named for its function.

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