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Wall-mounted shoulder trainer

Short Description:

Made in the China
Specification : 120 * 89 * 72 cm

Product Detail

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Product name Wall-mounted shoulder trainer
material  50*80 standard pipe
weight net weight : 28.0 kg
gross weight : 30.0 kg
colour Customer DIY
type home gym equipment
Packing Carton
other product size : 120*89*72cm
Bearing : 500 kg
Package size 102*74*53cm

Product features
Adjustable weight / Arm training / The color of DIY.

1. High cost performance.
A cost-effective product with a small investment and a high return

2.shoulder  and arm all-round training.
Shoulder trainers are a great way to work your triceps, and our trapezius, latissimus dorsi.
It's a good workout for the entire lateral muscles of the arm.

3. Small space occupation.
The whole machine takes up less space, when used, it is fixed on the wall, fix with expansion screw, It's easy to train, It doesn't take up limited space on the ground.

4. Color DIY customization
Body color can be customized freely, can be customized according to their favorite color equipment color. Satisfy your small thoughts.

Bicep training board01Bicep training board02

Bicep training board01
Selling point
1. Height adjustment.
The whole apparatus can be adjusted freely up and down. It can meet the training needs, and people of different heights.

2. Small and small barbell plates are available.
The instrument counterweight area can be loaded with 25 mm small aperture diameter barbell plates, and 50 mm big aperture diameter barbell plates.

3. Rotating arm 4 bearing design.
Rotary arm training, single arm with internal and external double bearings two arms a total of 4 bearings design, rotation is smooth.

4. Machine triangle fixing.
The big frame of the whole machine adopts triangular fixed mode, more stable and solid when training.

5. Rubber cushion for shock absorption engineering.
Wear resistant and shock absorbing rubber pads are added at both ends, there will be no bump and noise when it is put down after training, it doesn't damage the equipment.

6. 8 mm thick wall retaining plate
The fixed wall panels are made of 8 mm thick iron plates, fixed on the wall more firmly.

Bicep training board01

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