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three hole pu iron bumper Weight plate

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Made in the China
Material : pu + iron

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Product name three hole pu iron bumper Weight plate
material pu + iron
weight 15kg
colour yellow
type bumper plate
Packing Carton + pallet
other diameter:360MM
Aperture :51MM

Make the appearance look better . The color is beautiful and has no peculiar smell .
Dirt-proof  .
Flanged stainless steel ring , no wear and tear on the equipment .

PU material has high wear resistance , environment-friendly and odorless .
polyurethane  : Polyurethane A class of polymers containing -NHCOO – repeating structural units in the main chain , the English abbreviation is PU . Including rigid polyurethane plastics , soft polyurethane plastics , polyurethane elastic and other forms .
It is divided into thermoplasticity and thermosetting . The raw material is generally . presented in a resin state .
Polyurethane material is a good thermal insulation material at present , it consists of cyanates with hydroxyl compounds , because of the highly polar carbamate group , insoluble in nonpolar groups . Good oil resistance, toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance and adhesion . The materials with wide temperature range can be prepared from different raw materials . Includes elastic, thermoplastic and solid resins . Not resistant to hydrolysis at high temperatures, and not resistant to alkaline valence .

Production process
Place the cast iron chip in the mold and pour the liquid polyurethane , take out after cooling , and then the wrapping glue is more uniform and delicate , It feels so good when you pick it up .

Rubber training bumpers plates are versatile in their ability to be utilized for a variety of exercises, including Olympic Lifts. These plates not only help reduce noise, they also help protect equipment and flooring. Each solid rubber bumper plate has a 2” reinforced center steel sleeve to allow easy bar loading and unloading.

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