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Square tube barbell plate trailer rack

Short Description:

Made in the China
Specification : square tube
Bearing : 500 kg

Product Detail

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Product name Square tube barbell plate trailer rack
material steel
weight net weight:  19kg
gorss weight:24.7kg
colour black
type rack
Packing Carton
other product size:106.5cmx32cmx28cm
Package size 124cmx35cmx39cm

Product features
For daily delivery and storage of large aperture barbell plates and full rubber plates. You can move it freely.  Just put the plates on the trailer when you’re done. Fast and convenient save time and effort.
Custom made to fit Elite Competition Bumper Plates, Solid Rubber Bumpers, and desired increments of Olympic Plates. These low-profile weight racks offer ample storage for plates while decreasing the amount of floor space needed to house the weights.
It can hold up to 500 kilograms, high strength welded steel pipe, It won’t deform and  won’t break. Suitable for home, gym, warehouse and so on.
Roller with large bearing, It moves very smoothly. Have small plates storage area and direct 45 mm plates storage area, one rack is multi-purpose.
Through welding design handle, more solid.
Thickened 6mm steel plate, this is not a child’s toy.
Use 9 mm solid round steel, longer service life.

Square tube barbell plate trailer rack03 Square tube barbell plate trailer rack01 Square tube barbell plate trailer rack02

This plate trailer rack is great if you want to move your plates around to different areas of your gym and is ideally suited to any forms of olympic lifting where the plates can be rolled out of the rack and straight onto your lifting platform.
A great, heavy duty rack with various width slots to take any olympic plates.
Load weights quickly and easily with the CAP Commercial Bumper Plate Rack. Includes transport wheels and a handle grip for easy moving. Keeps workout space organized.

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