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  • Do you know dumbbells

    They may not be the most flashy piece of equipment in the gym, but dumbbells have been a crucial part of strength training — in nearly every sporting arena you can think of — for almost as long as gyms have been around. They are the ultimate tool in versatility, and crucially, allow you to train ...
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  • The dumbbell bench

    The body parts on the shoulders may be underestimated, while the shoulders are required to perform countless tasks in sports and daily life. There is a reason why it is called “bearing burden” rather than “bearing” or “bending the knee” burden. While looking as...
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  • Weight plate

    This is a column by Morgan Campbell, who writes opinions for CBC Sports. For more information on the “Opinions” section of CBC, please refer to the FAQ. So far, we have not seen side-by-side photos. These photos were posted by Ali Kershner, the performance coach of the Stanford Women’...
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