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I have been lifting weights for 5 years.Here are 6 things about fitness I wish I knew in the first place

In the summer of 2017, I agreed to a six-week personal training session as an introduction to weightlifting for an article.
As a lifestyle reporter, I’ve been trying different things, but they’re mostly fleeting interests in content.
However, strength training is different.When I agreed to write that article, I had no idea it would ignite a passion and become a way of life.
I never picked up a barbell when I first started, and even though I loved dancing and pitching as a teenager, I didn’t consider myself a “bodybuilder.”Sometimes, I let myself spend a boring time on the cardio machine.
But five years later, strength training has not only changed my body, but my entire life.Fitness is now my specialty as a journalist, I have a healthy relationship with food, and I’m stronger, fitter, and leaner.
“Resistance training is the key to almost every training goal,” personal trainer Luke Worthington previously told Insider.
I’ve been lifting weights for five years, it makes me feel empowered, and instead of seeing exercise as punishment, I’m happy to go to the gym.
Along the way, I learned valuable lessons that would have helped me when I started, including that working out alone won’t make you lose a lot of fat, and there’s no such thing as “conditioning.”
Despite exercising more than ever, I haven’t lost any weight in the nearly two years of my fitness journey.I actually gained weight, some muscle but also fat.I just eat (drink) too much.
I didn’t lose fat until I educated myself about calories and minimized overeating.Strength training and a high protein diet also help me maintain muscle.
After losing body fat and losing 35 pounds, people mistakenly thought I was just getting started.But I’m already strong (I can deadlift 255 lbs), I just don’t fit most people’s impressions of an exerciser.
Personal trainer Graeme Tomlinson previously told Insider that formal exercise only accounts for 5-10% of the calories the average person burns in a day.That’s why I work out to get stronger, fitter, and stronger, not to burn calories – if I’m trying to lose weight, my goal is to reduce calories in my diet.
Contrary to common misconceptions, lifting weights doesn’t automatically make women “heavy.”Building muscle can actually be a very tough, slow process, especially if you’re not eating too many calories.
“If you do it three times a week, for most people, the muscle gain won’t be noticeable,” personal trainer Sarah Carr previously told Insider.
The physique of female powerlifters is the result of hard training and focused nutrition, and heredity also plays a role, Carr said.
Lifting weights can help create the “bodybuilding” physique that many women dream of.But it’s a myth that muscles can be toned — they just grow or shrink.
Personal trainer Pete Geracimo previously told Insider that the “fitness” look essentially means having some muscle mass and being low enough body fat to see it.
The way to do this is to build muscle through resistance training and lose fat through a slight calorie deficit.
Not every workout will be great.Sometimes my workouts feel harder than others.Sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym at all.But 90% of the time I go, I show up, I do something.
Knowing that I won’t always be motivated to train and sometimes have to force myself to go to the gym is crucial for me to stay consistent and reach my fitness goals.I also don’t blame myself if I do lighter workouts sometimes.
Overtraining doesn’t help me achieve my goals any faster, and sometimes I take an extra day off, but I’ve made progress — making fitness a part of my lifestyle — admitting consistency is more important than perfection.
Every time I change my training style, such as from a bodybuilding program to a CrossFit-style workout program, my body adapts.
This often results in delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is erroneously considered a hallmark of effective exercise.So I don’t change my training every month just to seek DOMS.
My workouts will always include basic movements like squats, hinges (deadlifts), presses (bench presses), pulls (pull-ups), lunges, and carry.
The foundations are the foundations for a reason, and to make progress you need to keep training them, applying progressive overload, Worthington says.
Finding a way of exercising that I actively enjoy has changed everything for me.Not everyone will enjoy lifting weights, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an exercise type that’s right for you.You probably haven’t found it yet.
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Post time: Jul-15-2022