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Strength training without gym equipment is challenging.Gym memberships can be expensive, but if you’re up and running looking to build muscle in the comfort of your own home, a barbell set can get you started.
Barbell sets are nowhere near as comprehensive as what you’ll find in the gym, but they’re inexpensive and suitable for most recreational lifters.For example, the US Weight 54 lb weight suit is popular for its simple design, comfortable handle and modern look.
If your main goal is to lose weight or improve cardiovascular fitness, then a barbell set is not what you want.While lifting weights is good for weight loss and overall health, it shouldn’t be your main workout if that’s your fitness goal.Barbell and dumbbell exercises are great for strengthening the core and building large muscle groups.
Barbell weight sets don’t take up nearly as much space as weight racks.However, you still need to make sure you have enough space in your home for storage and exercise.Most of the time, you can hide them in a corner of your home.If you’re working in a tight space, consider purchasing a more compact design.
Generally, the more individual weight plates in a set, the better.This allows for more variety and customization in workouts.Beginners should look for plates in 5-pound increments, but more experienced lifters may find 10-pound increments more effective.
Since most sets are adjustable and you can use them as dumbbells, the weight capacity depends on what you want to do.Most are under 50 pounds, but that usually means you can only use that much weight for barbell exercises.For example, a suit with that much weight can typically hold 25 pounds per dumbbell.
Most home barbell weights are made of steel and thermoplastic polyurethane.They are not as sturdy as traditional weights, but they have a more user-friendly design and aesthetic.Connector rods typically have steel interiors, while TPU weights typically have rubber covers that help prevent dents and protect the floor.
Some barbell sets have connecting bars without textured ridges or scalloped handles, making them difficult to grip.The best sets have bars with soft foam grips that allow you to hold them more firmly and help you maintain the correct shape.
The most basic barbell weight sets cost $90 to $150.However, if you’re looking for something more comprehensive with a higher quality build, some can cost up to $350.
A. No, but observers can help with chest bench press exercises.While most home barbell sets are not overly heavy, you should only lift as much as you feel comfortable.If you’re exercising without an observer, starting lightly and paying attention to your body is critical to preventing injury.
A. Adjustable barbell sets are definitely better.Fixed barbell sets may feel more natural, but they take up more space, and you can’t take them apart to use individual sections as dumbbells.
What you need to know: This set is simple but comes with everything you need for a good workout at home.
What you’ll love: It comes with eight weights, a three-piece bar, and two spring collars to keep weights from shifting during workouts.The bar is cushioned for added comfort and grip, and the ridged handles on the weights provide a variety of workouts.Also, the teal color adds a stylish touch.
Things you should consider: Some customers find the safety spring ring too stiff and difficult to remove without using excessive force.
What you need to know: This weight set doubles as a dumbbell and barbell workout, making it one of the more versatile sets.
What you’ll love: Made from durable steel and thermoplastic polyurethane, these weights are more durable than cement-based weights.Each dumbbell has a capacity of 22 pounds, allowing a barbell limit of 44 pounds.The weights are polygonal to prevent rolling, and the handle has thin ridges for optimal grip.
Things you should consider: This set uses the metric system for weight and has a relatively low maximum capacity.
What you need to know: This 2-in-1 set has an adjustable design and is versatile enough for a variety of strengthening exercises.
What you’ll love: This set consists of 12 weight plates and a rubber cover to prevent dents and protect the floor.The connecting rods feature durable internal steel construction, soft foam grips that easily screw into each dumbbell.The bolts feature a deep groove design for a more secure installation, and the total weight of the bolt set is 44 lbs.
Things you should consider: When used as a stand-alone dumbbell, the bar will stick out and some users find the bolts difficult to unscrew.
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Post time: Jul-05-2022