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Hexagon rotary hard barbell bar

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Made in the China

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Product name Hexagon rotary hard barbell bar
material Solid steel
50*50MM Carbon steel pipe
weight net weight:  26kg
gorss weight:27kg
colour black/black and orange
type barbell bar
Packing Carton
other wall thickness:3mm
middle frame handle:710mm
3 handle diameter:25mm/38mm/50mm

The Features
Galvanized process,environmental tasteless, resistance to rust and corrosion, equipped with barbell plates of 50 mm aperture.
The mounting area and the retaining hoop are integrated, and durable.
Super fine knurled non-slip handle, can exert better power.
Target exercise site : brachialis muscle.Also can exercise brachioradialis brachialis biceps muscle.

Essential of exercise
1. standing position,feet shoulder – wieth apart, hold the circular barbell vertical grip with both hands, lift the weights. Drop naturally with the barbell in front of your body, upper arms close to body side.
2. Inspired air, bend vigorously upward, the brachialis distension of the lateral biceps can be felt, the highest point to pinnacle contraction, and hold on for a moment, and then slowly restore it.The arm is fully extended at the lowest point.
3. After restore to the original, repeat. Because the brachialis is a slow muscle fiber compared to the biceps, the slower the movement, the better.

the most prominent characteristic, and most people recognize its characteristics. It will help you when you pull hard, reduce the burden on the spine, forcing you to use more of your lower limb strength to complete the action.
So, general coaches teach hard pull, or you watch a demonstration film carefully, in principle, the barbell does not move too far from the body. The closer you are to your legs and up and down, the better, to maintain center of gravity and reduce the risk of lower back injury

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