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gym seven hole cast iron weight plate

Short Description:

Made in the China

  • 1 - 299 Pounds
  • 300 - 499 Pounds
  • >=500 Pounds

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Product name gym seven hole cast iron weight plate
material cast iron
weight 45LB
colour silver gray
type weight plate
Packing Carton + pallet,one piece a carton
other diameter:445MM
Aperture :51MM
Package size 47*47*4 cm

Casting characteristics
1 . This product has more hand holes , if you use ordinary cast iron and its production method , the quality of the product will not be guaranteed .
2 . The love of professionals , more accurate weight, more robust and resistant to fall .
3 . Smooth edges do not scratch your hands , the outer circle parts are processed by machine tools, with clear edge lines and sharp edges and corners.
4 . The grasping part is smooth and does not hurt your hands , 7 hand-grip holes are manually polished .Will not wear hands during training .
5 . Paint texture, smooth hand feeling , the paint texture is firm and delicate , feel smooth .
World Bodybuilder : The favorite of ” Ronnie Coleman ” .

Introduction to dumbbells
A dumbbell is a simple device used for muscle strength training . Its main material is cast iron, some covered with rubber . It is used for muscle strength training, muscle complex movement training . Patients with low muscle strength due to paralysis and pain caused by prolonged inactivity . Holding dumbbells, you can use the weight of dumbbells to carry out active movement against resistance and train muscle strength . Dumbbells train a single muscle . If you increase the weight , requires the coordination of multiple muscles . It can also be used as a kind of muscle complex movement training .
Use dumbbells scientifically , you really can get a good workout . somebody has said that , Schwarzenegger had great muscles , mainly through the dumbbells exercise . There is a lot of knowledge about dumbbell exercises , you can learn by practicing little by little.

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