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Dumbbell Plate Yoga Training Arm kettle bell Ladies Small Dumbbell For weight lifting

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Made in  China
Material : Rubber-covered cement
Product Code : YLY - NSYL
weight : 1KG 1.5KG  2KG  3KG 5KG

Color : colour Or Customized

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Dumbbells have now entered almost every family that loves sports and fitness, but dumbbells have different functions for people with different needs. There is no distinction between men and women here, only needs. For example, my need is to reduce fat and lose weight. Dumbbells are more used to increase weight. If I am used to strengthen muscles, dumbbells are used to increase resistance.

When dumbbells are used to reduce fat and weight, they are aimed at the whole body, not just a certain part of the body, but they are used to strengthen muscles, which is the repeated exercise for a certain part.

When we reduce fat, we basically hold it in our hands and do it for dozens of minutes. Therefore, I am very cautious about the outsourcing choice of dumbbells. What I fear most is the outsourcing dumbbells . This dumbbell not only has inferior materials, but also emits irritating toxic gases all the time. Carrying a toxic gas in your hand and exercising every day, you have to adjust your breathing. It’s terrible to think about it.


Girls choose dumbbells according to their height and weight

In fact, according to the National People’s conventional physique, exercise intensity and acceptable range, some people stipulate the following dumbbell weight combination. You can choose the appropriate dumbbell weight according to your height and weight: if your height is less than 1.6 meters and your weight is less than 60 kg, you’d better choose the dumbbell of 25 kg combination instead of too high weight. If the height is less than 1.7 meters and the weight is less than 70kg, you can choose the dumbbell of 30kg combination. There are still more girls in this range. You can choose between 25 and 30. If the height is 1.8 meters and the weight below 80 kg, you can add some weight and choose the combination of 35 kg dumbbells. There are not many women at this height and weight stage, but they still exist. Under the height of 1.9 meters and the weight of 95 kg, you can choose the pressure of 45 kg combination, but this height girl is basically less.

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