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DLS rubber coated fixed dumbbells

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Made in the China
Material : rubber coating

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Product name DLS rubber coated fixed dumbbells
material rubber coating
weight 2.5 kg – 80 kg, 2.5 kg Increasing
colour black
type dumbbell
Packing Carton / plate
other Handle diameter : 32mm

The dumbbells are made of TPR rubber . The advantage of this rubber is long service life , no cracking , no falling off , and so on !

New direction of urban fitness : Rubber fixed covered dumbbells , it can exercise muscles in all directions .

Super-high elasticity to protect the floor .

DLS rubber coated fixed dumbbells03 DLS rubber coated fixed dumbbells04 DLS rubber coated fixed dumbbells052

Styrene butadiene rubber , also known as polystyrene butadiene copolymer , Its physical structure performance , processing performance and product performance are close to natural rubber . Some properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance , aging resistance and vulcanization speed are better than natural rubber , can be used with natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubbers . Widely used in the production of tires, tapes, hoses, wires and cables, medical appliances and various rubber products .

Built-in cast iron , Cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy containing more than 2.1% , the tensile strength , plasticity and toughness of cast iron are lower than that of carbon steel . Although the mechanical properties of cast iron are inferior to steel , however , due to the presence of graphite , cast iron has many properties that steel can’t reach . Such as good wear resistance, high vibration damping , low notch sensitivity and excellent cutting performance .

TPE rubber-coated dumbbells have a diameter of 32 mm, and a thicker hand shake is more comfortable .
A dumbbell is a simple device used for muscle strength training . Its main material is cast iron, some covered with rubber . It is used for muscle strength training, muscle complex movement training . Patients with low muscle strength due to paralysis and pain caused by prolonged inactivity . Holding dumbbells, you can use the weight of dumbbells to carry out active movement against resistance and train muscle strength . Dumbbells train a single muscle . If you increase the weight , requires the coordination of multiple muscles . It can also be used as a kind of muscle complex movement training .

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