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Deluxe multifunctional weight bench

Short Description:

Made in the China
Product Code: YLY – JZT002
Product size : 1320 mm * 470 mm * 52 mm
Package size : 1448*470*165mm

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product name Deluxe multifunctional weight bench
material 5c*7cm*2.2mm square tube
weight net weight:  26kg
gross weight:28.5kg
colour gray
type weight bench
Packing carton
other bearing:1000kg
product size:1320*470*52mm
Package size 1448*470*165mm

product features
1. The board can be adjusted freely to meet your different fitness needs.
2. The product stick to the ground design is stable, Cushion and back cushion design wide and comfortable. Pipe specifications to meet the requirements of professional fitness.
3. This fitness stool can be used with any type of squat rack.It can meet the functional requirements of bench push and squat.

Deluxe multifunctional weight bench02Deluxe multifunctional weight bench01

product function
Combine dumbbells, barbells and other strength instruments to exercise the muscles of the upper body. You can also do sit-ups to exercise your abdominal muscles.
Note : English installation instruction and supporting installation tools are enclosed.

Points for Attention in Exercise
1. When the muscles are tired and the barbell is heavy, Make sure that your shoulders and arms are in control of the barbell before lifting it. Avoid exerting too much force when lifting the barbell from above your head to above your chin. So much so that it goes straight above the chin. The arm is at an Angle and cannot control the barbell effectively.If there is no protection, it is easy to make the barbell forward to cause an accident.
2. Push the barbell that is beyond the reach of the force,The waist and back are very difficult to support, to avoid sprain lumbar muscles.

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