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circular hex barbell bar

Short Description:

Made in the China
Suit for bore diameter 50mm plate
Bearing : 750 LB

Product Detail

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Product name circular hex barbell bar
material Q-35steel/galvanize
weight net weight:  38kg
gorss weight:40kg
colour silver
type barbell bar
Packing Carton with Wood palltes
other suit for bore diameter 50mm plate
Package size 150*60*10cm

The description
The circular barbell bar is also called a deadlift bar or shrug bar. The circular barbell bar is ideal for deadlifts for athletes who suffer from low back pain.
The main difference between the circular barbell bar hammer bend and the common bend is the grip. The general bend to exercise the biceps is a palm-up grip. Hammer bend is to use the Neutral Grip. A position between palm up and palm down, Because it feels the same as holding a hammer, so it’s also called a hammer bend. Bending weights compared to normal grips, hammer bends work the brachialis more.

circular hex barbell bar01 circular hex barbell bar02

The Features
Galvanized process,environmental tasteless, resistance to rust and corrosion, equipped with barbell plates of 50 mm aperture.
The mounting area and the retaining hoop are integrated, and durable.
Super fine knurled non-slip handle, can exert better power.
Target exercise site : brachialis muscle.Also can exercise brachioradialis brachialis biceps muscle.

Matters need attention
1. When bending to lift weights, notice that the elbow is the only joint in the arm that moves.
2. In order to avoid the movement process of the body to borrow power, torso may lean forward slightly.
3. Hammer bend is generally recommended to use medium and small weights. slow repetition works better.
4. Not every gym has these special barbells, don’t get caught up in it, so feel free to use dumbbells instead.

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