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Cast iron spray kettlebell

Short Description:

The Competition Weight Kettlebell sets the bar high for kettlebell quality. Each kettlebell is made from solid cast iron and the weight is accurate to within 1% of the stated weight. Each kettlebell is then machined and powder-coated, creating a seam-free surface with a texture that is both comfortable and easy to grip. The wide, flat base will ensure that your weight rests firmly on the ground without rocking. Each kettlebell is color-coded for easy identification and sorting and the weight is displayed in both pounds and kilograms.

Product Detail

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Product name Cast iron spray kettlebell
material Cast Iron
weight 6 8 10 12 16 20 24 28 32KG
colour black + Color circle
type kettlebells
Cast iron spray kettlebell04Cast iron spray kettlebell01

Design features
1. Weight is your choice
Kettlebell‘s unique “big ear” structure can better grasp, so that it can push, lift, lift, throw and other movements, weight optional, to meet the training needs of different groups.

2. Cast iron material occupies a small area and has high strength
The density of cast iron is about 2.5 times that of cement, which can provide enough weight and training strength in a small volume for full horsepower and vigorous exercise.

3. The grip of anti-skid handle is comfortable and the rotation is smooth
Bodong Kettlebell is made of coated sand. Its precision is much higher than that of ordinary casting in the market. It is formed in one piece. Its surface is smooth and delicate. It is resistant to bumps, easy to grasp, and efficient in training.

4. Key protection of heavy goods transportation
In order to ensure that the product is intact in the hands of the users, the Kettlebell is customized with pallet and carton protection, which fits perfectly without fear of bumps.

Cast iron spray kettlebell02Cast iron spray kettlebell03

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