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bodong cast iron barbell plates

Short Description:

Made in the China
Cast-Iron Powerlifting KG Discs
Machine calibrated to within +/- 10 grams
Calibration plugs on back of plates for increased precision
50.40MM (+/- 0.2mm) collar opening for a snug fit.
Thin Design for 700+KG load capacity
Exclusive Rogue branding
IPF Approved

Product Detail

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Product name BODONG
Cast iron Barbell Plates
material Cast iron
weight 10kg
colour green
type Barbell Plates
Logo Customizable
Customizable minimum weight 20 tons
Packing Carton + pallet ,TWO pieces a carton
other diameter:325MM
Aperture :51MM
Package size 35*35*5 CM
Price The cost of mould is $780 per specification

The Cast Iron Plate is a simple plate that offers a variety of sizes. These plates can be used with dumbbell handles to make an adjustable set of dumbbells in order to help conserve space or with any equipment that is utilizes standard plates. The Contour Cast Iron Plates are composed of durable cast iron which helps these plates last a lifetime.
Machine calibrated for next-level precision, these durable cast-iron KG plates are accurate to within 10 grams in weight. Each disc is cut thin to allow for max loading capacity (up to 700+KG) and color-coded for easy identification from a distance. There are also calibration plugs on the back of each plate to allow for even greater precision.  These plates feature a 50.40MM (+/- 0.2mm) center hole for a snug fit on your barbell, and as a result may not fit on some cheaper barbells not held to spec. You can order your Calibrated KG Steel Plates in pairs or as a full set using the order column on this page.
A lot of people have questions , Why do weightlifting use these thin steel barbell plates ? There are two reasons:
1. The weights used by major weightlifters are terrifying ,Thick rubber barbell plates can not meet the competition demand
2. International Weightlifting Federation regulations , When the barbell is loaded , The distance between the barbell clasp and the edge of the sleeve should not be less than 10 cm.So only this thin steel plate can meet these requirements.

bodong cast iron barbell plates01 bodong cast iron barbell plates02
bodong cast iron barbell plates
bodong cast iron barbell plates

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