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Black Rubber Bumper Weight Plates

Short Description:

Made in China
Product Code : YLY – HSQJP
Product size : 5KG 10KG 15KG 20KG 25KG
Diameter : 450mm

Product Detail

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Product name Black Rubber Bumper Weight Plates
Material Rubber
Thickness 5KG -20.4MM /10KG -45MM /

15KG -59.3MM /

20KG -75MM /

25KG -95MM

Package size 5kg 47*47*5cm10kg 47*47*6cm

15kg 47*47*6.5cm

20kg 47*47*8.5cm

25kg 47*47*10cm

Packing 5KG is two pieces in one carton. Other specifications are one piece in one carton








    • Single Barbell Plates Workout: 4 excellent barbell chip workouts


Barbell dumbbells are the most classic and effective equipment. They are good helpers for us to sculpt our figure and improve our athletic ability. We can use them to do all kinds of training! But we can look away a little sometimes! Try training with a barbell plate!

The barbell bars available at the gym can also be used to do a lot of exercises. Personally, I really like to use the single bar training, which allows you to grip comfortably, but also can do a lot of movements to assist our main training!

Today I’m going to show you some classic moves that you can practice with a barbell plates

1. Bench press with barbell plates!

This is a good training aid to help strengthen the inner pectoral muscles

Process of action:

Lying on your back on a bench press bench, grab a bar (weight of your choice) and place it on your chest. Clamp the bar between your hands and start moving

Start pushing the bar up, squeezing hard as you reach the top. You need to keep the whole process slow during training.


2. Barbell piece rowing

Which bar do I like to lean over and row before back training, or during a break between groups? This will help strengthen the feeling in my back muscles! Help me prime my back muscles better!

Process of action:

Choose a barbell plate (either big or small) and hold both ends with both hands!

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, sit with your hips back (hip flexion), keep your spine neutral, lean your torso down naturally, and tighten your core muscles to stabilize your spine neutral!

Pull back the shoulder blades, then lift the elbow accordingly, and pull the barbell to the upper abdomen. Pay attention to the contraction of the back when pulling up, and then do the pull action with the hand, so that the barbell close to the abdomen, and then squeeze the back muscles between the shoulder blades, and stay for two seconds.

Slowly rewind the bar, feel the back open feeling, hand out again. Until your arms are straight!


3. Lift the barbell flat in front of the bar

Barbell is my first choice for front flat lift training. Easy grip makes my training more comfortable

Action process:

choose the appropriate barbell piece, back against the wall, hands to grasp the bar piece, and then lift up to shoulder height, stay for one second, maintain tension, and then slowly replay to the actual position!


4.Barbell plate squats



This is a very good squat aid training!

Process of action:

Squats are the king of training, and sometimes a small detail that isn’t done right can make your movements worse! The most common is leaning forward too much, lack of core stability, not maintaining enough tension and so on!

Squats using a barbell to lift your chest flat are designed to maintain balance while keeping your torso straight. When the bar is pushed outward, the torso should resist it, while maintaining tension and not letting the torso lean forward.


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