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Bicep training board

Short Description:

Made in the China
Specification : square tube
Length : 59 cm
Width : 10 cm
Bearing : 200 kg

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product name Bicep training board
material Aluminum alloy
weight net weight: 0.7kg
colour White yellow black red green
type home gym equipment
Packing Carton
other Length : 59 cm
Width : 10 cm
Bearing : 200 kg
Package size 65*13*10cm

Function Introduction
Bicep training splints  allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders, It also keeps your back and elbows locked in a standard curl position.
The training board focuses the power on the biceps during bent-lift training.

Product presentation
1. high-strength aluminum alloy. Made of high strength aluminum alloy material,  it’s firm and does not deform in training.
2. Material lightsome. Aluminum alloy hanging on the neck is very light, it doesn’t burden the neck.
3. EVP cushion layer for the protection, comfortable thickened EVP pad, you don’t squeeze your arm during training, effective protection of muscles.
4. Sweat-absorbing neck cushion, don’t tighten necks. Absorbent non-slip, Widened design, hanging it around your neck doesn’t tighten and hurt.
5. The curved design fits the human body. The Angle fits the human body, training is solid so you can focus more on muscle training.
6. Scaling is convenient. Use Velcro on both ends, adjust the height according to your own needs.

Bicep training board02Bicep training board01

Tips for use
When training your biceps, standing posture sitting posture can be. Rest your arms shoulder-width apart on the board, wrist lock, use biceps strength to lift the barbell, stop when the upper arm is almost perpendicular to the ground. Control and restore, do not fully extend your arm at the bottom.
There are a lot of exercises for the biceps, so it is best to choose the method suitable for us according to our own different constitution and different needs.

Bicep training board03 Bicep training board01 Bicep training board02


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