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baking cast iron dumbbell set

Short Description:

Made in the China
Product Code : YLY – 41 LB
Product size : 18*9*7cm
Handle diameter : 1 inch
Length of handle : 14 inch

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The advantages of dumbbells

Product name baking cast iron dumbbell set
material cast iron
weight 5lb-40lb
colour black
type dumbbell
Packing Plastic Box
other Product size:18*9*7cm
Handle Width:1 inch
Handle Length:14 inch
Total weight:41LB
Basic weight:5LB

1. Practice dumbbells over time,can modify the muscle line, Increases muscular endurance. Do heavy weight dumbbell exercises frequently, will firm up your muscles, muscular fibre, Increases muscle tone.
1. Can exercise the muscles of upper limbs and waist and abdomen, if hold dumbbells with both hands at the back of your neck while doing sit-ups, can increase the load of abdominal exercises, hold the dumbbells and do side bends or turns, can exercise the internal and external oblique muscles, hand dumbbell straight arm forward and side flat lift can exercise the shoulder and chest muscles.Can exercise lower limb muscles, such as holding dumbbells squatting feet squatting jump and so on.
3. [Safe Design] : Safe and easy non-slip, high quality raw material. Includes four screw on clips to ensure weight plates can be safely secured to the dumbbell bars. Very easy to switch between barbell and dumbbell variation
4. [Easy assembly and storage]: Simple to assemble and disassemble with twist mechanism technology. Once disassembled it can be stored with minimal space. After disassembling, it is easy to transport, perfect for a home gym setting.

Adjustable Dumbbell / Barbell Set
Easily adjustable Dumbbell / Barbell set in multiple weight options. Quick and easy to assemble and adjust. Equipped with easily removable weight plates in a variety of weights. Additionally, includes 2 dumbbell bars and a bar extender to create a barbell.

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