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Adjustable Strength Gym Fitness Equipment Custom Dumbbells

Short Description:

Made in the China
Material : Steel+Rubber
Product Code : YLY - TJ02
weight : 40kg , 90lb

Packing size:56*30*35CM
Color : Black and red Or Customized

  • 40 - 300 Kg
    US $92.55
  • 300 - 1000 Kg
    US $90.99
  • >=1000 Kg
    US $88.99

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Product Name:  40kgs Adjustale dumbbell 90lb Adjustable Dumbbell

Advantages of dumbbells

1. Rubber shell design: high quality motion adjusting dumbbells are wrapped with high-quality rubber materials to increase the durability and prolong the service life of dumbbells.

2. High quality material: each adjustable dumbbell adopts high-quality rubber end, which is durable, and the handle is made of special-shaped steel.

3. Anti roll: our adjustable dumbbells are efficiently manufactured for users. Each dumbbell is equipped with a separate placement box to ensure that it remains stationary after use.

4. Multiple weight choices: in sports, we provide different weight choices, and you can choose what you want.

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Practice method

1. Choose the right weight before practicing dumbbells.

2. The purpose of exercise is to increase muscle. It is best to choose dumbbells with 65% – 85% load. For example, if the load that can be lifted each time is 10kg, you should choose dumbbells with a weight of 6.5kg-8.5kg for exercise. During the practice, 5-8 groups shall act 6-12 times a day, and the action speed shall not be too fast. The interval between each group shall be 2-3 minutes. If the load is too large or too small, and the intermittent time is too long or too short, the effect will be bad.

3. The purpose of exercise is to reduce fat. It is suggested that 15-25 times or more should be done in each group, and the interval between each group should be controlled at 1-2 minutes. If you find this kind of exercise very boring, you can practice with your favorite music, or follow the music to do dumbbell aerobics.

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