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adjustable dumbbell weight bench

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Made in the China
Product Code:YLY-JZT001
Gear position : 90 degree Angle adjustable
Product size :1280*510*255 mm

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Points for Attention in Exercise
1.When the muscles are tired and the barbell is heavy , Make sure that your shoulders and arms are in control of the barbell before lifting it . Avoid exerting too much force when lifting the barbell from above your head to above your chin . So much so that it goes straight above the chin . The arm is at an Angle and cannot control the barbell effectively.If there is no protection , it is easy to make the barbell forward to cause an accident .
2. Push the barbell that is beyond the reach of the force ,The waist and back are very difficult to support , to avoid sprain lumbar muscles .

adjustable dumbbell weight bench06adjustable dumbbell weight bench05

Points to note in purchasing
1.The structure and production material of the weight bench are the most important , we must ensure strong and stable . Some benches have many functions , but they are very shaky to use .
2.Comfortable stool height must be appropriate , to ensure that you do bench press , will not feel too high , do dumbbells rowing , will not feel too low , generally speaking , about 50 cm height is appropriate , and the stool surface must be long enough , otherwise you have to stick out below the waist , it is very uncomfortable .
3. Do not pursue too many functions , but I recommend that you buy adjustable bench , the back of the back can be adjusted to a 30 degree Angle and close to the vertical Angle , so that you can carry out the uphill bench push and dumbbell push , pay attention to the chair part also can be adjusted , do uphill push , need to tilt up , otherwise it will keep sliding .

Product name adjustable dumbbell weight bench
material Steel/Iron and PU Mat
weight net weight:  38kg
gorss weight:40kg
colour Black or Customizable
type weight bench
Packing carton
other bearing 300kg
90 degree Angle adjustable
product size:1280*510*255 mm
Package size 1500*600*1400 mm
adjustable dumbbell weight bench04adjustable dumbbell weight bench01
adjustable dumbbell weight bench02adjustable dumbbell weight bench03

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