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11 gear dumbbell weight bench

Short Description:

Made in the China
Product Code:YLY-11
Gear: The backrest can be adjusted to 11 gear, and the base can be adjusted to 4 gear
200 degree Angle adjustable
Tube :10*5cm
Product size: 137*26*45cm

Product Detail

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Product name 11 gear dumbbell weight bench
material Steel
weight net weight: 27kg
gorss weight:33kg
colour Black or Customizable
type weight bench
Packing carton
other bearing:400kg,
200 degree Angle adjustable
tube :10*5cm
Package size 143*55*28cm

Training action
1. Lift the barbell with your arms straight and move it slightly forward to just above your chin
2.Lower the barbell slowly and controlled until about 2 cm to 5 cm from the clavicle
3.Then lift the barbell upward, ending perpendicular to the chin.
4. Repeat until you are done with exercise 5.After the final push, the bar ends above the chin, and the bar is steadily shifted back and placed back on the press rack.

flat baking dumbbell05
flat baking dumbbell01
flat baking dumbbell02
flat baking dumbbell03
flat baking dumbbell04
flat baking dumbbell01

Product advantage
The Adjustable Bench  features incline positions ranging from flat / zero degrees up to approximately 85 degrees. The seat has two adjustment settings, as well, and—unlike most adjustable weight benches on the market—there is virtually no gap between the seat pad and the back pad. This means athletes can program their functional presses and arm movements through a full range of inclines without dealing with the discomfort of a disjointed bench.

flat baking dumbbell02
flat baking dumbbell01

Matters needing attention
At the time of protection of dumbbell exercises, you should follow one principle of the most important thing, don’t press or hold the position of the joints, otherwise it will greatly influence exercise effect. Protection is very important, the best is practice with friends  together .To be both safe and can increase muscle stimulation, so as to make greater progress.

11 gear dumbbell weight bench0211 gear dumbbell weight bench01

A weightlifting bench is a must for every fitness enthusiast’s home gym,Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness pro,this bench can handle any workout. it is a professional utility workout bench designed to handle heavy weight safely and has been crafted with lasting durability in mind.

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