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1.5M curve Olimpic bar

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Made in the China
Model number : YLY – CQG

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Product name 1.5M curve Olimpic bar
material round steel
weight net weight:  8.7kg
gross weight:9.2kg
colour silver
type barbell bar
Packing fiber container
other handing diameter:2.5cm
handing length:25cm
Holding diameter:5cm
Holding length:94.5
Package size 160*10*10cm

Our Olympic Bars are ideal for helping you perfect your form while reducing strain on your wrists and elbows. Maximize your gains and target your upper body to build strength and muscle mass. Use for curl, press and extension exercises.

Standard barbell :From the barbell bar , The barbell plate and the clamp are composed of three parts. International competitions in weightlifting must use international standard barbells approved by the international lifting federation. There are two kinds of barbells for men and women, the main difference is the barbell bar, the barbell plates are the same standard.

The men’s barbell bar is 2.20 meters long and weighs 20 kilograms. The women’s barbell bar is 2.15 meters long and weighs 15 kilograms. The barbell bar has a diameter of 0.028 meters. The largest barbell sheet is 0.45 meters in diameter. The rubber cover can be used to increase the appearance and reduce the noise of the barbell.

Barbell is a kind of core training equipment, It’s also used for weight lifting. Barbell exercise is a type of weight training. Just using barbells, to improve muscle strength. You can also use barbells for core training, promote overall coordination.

Barbells have many uses, whether it’s your shoulders, your back, your arms, your chest. By barbells and pieces of iron of different weights, use specific muscle strength training techniques multiple times, do muscle endurance training for the whole body muscle group, make fat burn, convert it into a toned line.

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