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  • All you need is 1 dumbbell and 4 full body exercises.

    Whether you’re short on time and looking for a quick HIIT full body workout, or want to combine your next strength workout with a fun finisher, I have what you’ve been looking for. All you need to do is grab one of the best adjustable dumbbells (or any dumbbell, for that matter) and d...
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  • The best weight plates of 2023 and bumper plates for powerlifters

    The Complete Guide to Optimal Bumper Weights and Plates, From Studio Discs to Full Size Olympic Plates and More Even the best pancakes are easy to take for granted. After all, it’s just a heavy disc that you put on the barbell. Needless to say, weight plates and bumper plates are more compl...
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  • How to choose a squat rack that suits your needs?

    Squat rack equipment is one of the most important equipment in the gym industry. It not only helps you build muscle mass and strength, but also improves your agility and speed. They designed different shelves for different needs — some were designed for heavy-weight squats, while others wer...
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  • Wholesale China Gym Equipment Dumbbell 40kg Fitness Dumbbell

    A dumbbell is a simple device used for muscle strength training . Its main material is cast iron, some covered with rubber . It is used for muscle strength training, muscle complex movement training . Patients with low muscle strength due to paralysis and pain caused by prolonged inactivity . Hol...
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  • home fitness equipment dumbbell bench

    Dumbbell bench, fitness AIDS. Often used to assist dumbbells to complete some necessary fitness movements, such as: upward inclined dumbbell bench press, downward inclined dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbell bird and so on. The exercise of dumbbells can improve the control of joints and muscles i...
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  • What are the simple exercise body movements

    First, overlook Climbing and overlooking, can adjust the eye muscle and lens, reduce eye fatigue, improve vision. The specific method is: every morning, evening or when the brain is tired, in their own balcony or climb the mountain, regularly turn your eyes and look at the distant mountains, roof...
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  • But if you need a reliable runner, it will do the job.

    F6 treadmill provides a durable running surface without hesitation and an ease that seasoned beginners can appreciate. However, in terms of functionality, this machine is average. Despite its three-figure price tag, there aren’t many options for preset interval programs, and a 7-inch touchs...
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  • What Equipment Do You Need to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

    Now that you have your fitness goals in place, it’s time to invest in equipment that will help you reach your goals. Some people choose to use the equipment at the gym, but gym memberships can be expensive. If you’re serious about your fitness and physical health goals, invest in pers...
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  • You Only Need These 6 Dumbbell Exercises to Build Upper Body Muscles

    Upper body training can be time consuming and requires the work of many different muscles in this area of ​​the body. However, exercises with minimal equipment can make things easier, such as dumbbell exercises that target the back, shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps. If you normally train at ...
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  • just masquerading as home equipment

    The gym is right outside and you won’t be leaving your living room anytime soon. Maybe you’re babysitting or your car is in the store. In any case, sometimes bodyweight exercises alone will reduce it. And other times, you just need the sweet relief of lifting heavy objects. If you don...
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  • These are the best bodybuilding exercises for every muscle group.

    Meat and potatoes for a good sternum workout are pretty simple. After all, every Monday gyms around the world are packed with people beating their chests with different bench presses. But the question is: is the flat bench press the ultimate goal of International Chest Day, or is there a better w...
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  • body workout includes one exercise it’s the humble squat

    If every lower body workout includes one exercise, then it’s the humble squat. A simple movement that provides numerous physical benefits is a great addition to your workout to help strengthen and tone your leg and glute muscles. This includes the glutes (muscles of the buttocks), hamstring...
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